Children and adults 20 and younger, may be eligible through Medicaid Star Kids for Attendant Services and can receive assistance with the following tasks:

  • House Cleaning and Laundry

    Attendants can help individuals to keep their home clean and their clothes fresh.

  • Meal Preparation and Feeding

    It is important for inidividuals to be healthy and strong, meals and feeding is very important.

  • Accompanying you to Doctor Visits

    Attendants can accompany individuals with them via transportation to appointments or possibly shopping.

  • Dressing/Bathing/Grooming

    Individuals day starts with a fresh start.

  • Walking and Exercising

    It can be very important for individuals to be active and not only excercise their mind but their body.

  • Shopping and Errands

    Individuals may need the attendant to walk down to the shops for them or accompany them to the shops.

You may qualify for these services at no extra cost to you or your family through Texas Health and Human Services and Medicaid